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Jessica has been photographing weddings for Faith West Photography for almost 4 years. Jessica loves what she does, and her passion shows in her candid, "in-the-moment" style of capturing your day. She's a real people person, and it gives Jessica a little thrill to capture all the fun moments of your wedding day, so you can look back on them forever.

Jessica has an associates' degree in photography from Antonelli Intitute. She graduated Summa Cum Laude because that's just how much she loves photography. Jessica also loves these things (not necessarily in this order): the color purple (though she's not wearing purple in her portrait for this website); any type of travel (she loves adventure); tea and coffee, and lots of it; and the people she cares about, like her husband, Dave, and her American Bulldog, Roscoe. Notice Jessica included her dog in the "people" category. The dog thinks he's a person. He really does.