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Matt used to be an English teacher and a painter, but he found that his wife and toddlers didn't like the smell of linseed oil and acrylic as much as he did, so he switched his visual talents to the odor-free medium of digital-photography. Matt has been using his camera to make a living ever since, for the last 5 years. He's loved every minute and never looked back.

Matt loves weddings because he can capture a moment or a mood that the couple might miss, preserving it for them through the magic of photography. Matt loves to watch out for all those little moments, easily missed, that make the wedding day uniquely yours. Matt loves wedding photography even more than he loves dark chocolate, red wine, black coffee, warm bread, great music, and seeing Saturn's rings through a telescope. And so that's a lot of love and focused attention (pun intended!) that he brings to your wedding photography.